Q. Can you hack/crack xxxxx for me ? [just fill in the blank]
A. Nope. Go away.

Q. Can you write me a program to xxxxxx ? [fill in the blank again]
A. Nope. Go away.

Q. Can I give you xxxxx ? [fill in the blank where xxxxx=money/presents]
A. Sure.

Q. Will you be releasing the sourcecode to Rogue/Larn ?
A. Probably one day, just don't bother asking though. One day I might sort out the files and upload them. But I could do with some time to do it.

Q. Have you finished development on the Quake/Hexen2 bots ?
A. I'm not sure just yet. There could well be some further developments on them. On the Planetquake site you will find the latest news on that front, and don't forget that my compilers are on that site too.

Q. Will you be releasing the source code to the Quake bots ?
A. Not while contests are still running. The latest one ends in Dec 2001. I have plans for more afterwards. I really havent decided yet, after all Mr Elusive never released the code to his bots. I might just do the same. It has always struck me that more people ask for the source code to the bots than anything, and I haven't quite worked out why. I released the source code to the Hexen2 bots and noone has ever done anything with it as far as I know. Besides the Quake source is quite strange, by which I mean that I completely rewrote a lot of the original source, just learning QuakeC. I did all kinds of restructuring to it just to put it into a form which seemed more logical to me. So at the moment the answer is no, and the same goes for the compilers.

Q. What program do you use to write your sites in ?
A. Notepad :)

Q. Which compiler do you use ?
A. Borland C++ 4.52 and 5.01. Hey, it was free from Borland, so kind of them. Personally I think it rocks. You will also find that a lot of the programs are compiled for Pentium upwards, and even the console programs are compiled as win32 console programs. I also tend to produce small programs due to messing with the compiler options, but probably not the smallest possible (but much better than Delphi proggies!). And if I accidentally dynamically linked any of them then let me know and I'll recompile with static linking (that is if anyone gets a complaint about dll's not being present!).
Actually (jan 2004) I now use MSVC 6.0, it seems like a reasonably good compiler to me. When Borland changed to BC Builder I never quite liked it in the same way I did BC 5.01. MSVC 6.0 seems to be a nice step forward though, unlike MS .NET :(.

Q. Where does the name Cronos come from ?
A. Mythology, follow this link if you really want to know more :) Cronos is the wily, youngest and most terrible of the children of Uranus, whom he hated. He castrated his father and became ruler of the universe, but was later overthrown by his own son Zeus. And for anyone that knows why that picture is on the right hand side of this then you have seen what I have not, and afaik there is no real connection ;)
Further note (Jan 2004) - actually I have seen the film, and it was completely made up. No connection whatsoever.

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